my story

I like stories. I like to read them, see them, tell them. As a kid growing up in a small town, I would devour the children’s books at the local library. I finished the entire section by the age of 11. I saw a breakdance version of King Lear at 14, and it opened my eyes to Shakespeare. When I stood on the Capitol in Rome I looked down on centuries of stories, history and culture and instinctively knew: this is what I want to be doing when I grow up. 

So I began to tell stories. At a television show produced by Endemol, as a University teacher at the VU University and as an assistant curator at the Jewish Historical Museum.

It taught me  to read and interpret stories. But also to find them, to translate them into something everybody understands. And more recently I quite literally began to tell them.

Nowadays I tell the story of Heineken, the famous Dutch brewery with an exciting past. From the very first bottle of Heineken beer at the Paris World’s Fair in 1899, to the introduction of the iconic smiling E’s  in the 1950’s, to showing Muhammed Ali’s love for one of the first non-alcoholic beers: as a Collection Manager I tell stories. About beer (but really about so much more).